What Am I Doing Now?

Here’s a list of some current projects and interests (as of May, 2024):

Music and more Music!

Latest album of epic orchestral trailer music now available for licensing. Have a listen here.

Other demos and projects are at strangespecial.com.

Exited the Pragmatic Bookshelf

After twenty thrilling years, I have decided to exit the Pragmatic Bookshelf (pragprog.com). Over the last several years, I’ve been slow extricating myself from day-to-day operations at Bookshelf, moving from an active role to the board directors. As of August, 2023, I’ve sold my stake back to the company.

So much cool stuff to do, so little time ;)

The GROWS Method® Institute

Working on new—and old—ideas for The GROWS Method® (growsinstitute.com). These are the secret ingredients that the “agile” movement missed. Come have a look if you’re interested in success in the post-agile world.

New EP from The Flugeltinis

Big-band, horn-laden textures suitable for last call at 3am in a sketchy bar. That’s me on my new trumpet and vintage flugel horn.

Strange & Special Air Productions · First Flight

Psychological Thriller, Weatherly Hall:

After the Second Civil War, Henry buys a long-abandoned, desolate mansion from the pre-Internet era to get away from it all. But there’s more to the house’s history than the real estate listing admitted, and in that dim and murky place between the shores of consciousness and nightmare, Henry was running out of time.

See weatherlyhall.com for more info, five-star reviews and samples.

Ambient Album from Psyaknob

Interesting ambient/electronica (not the boring kind ;), made with my Moog Matriarch, Minilogue, and vintage Yamaha CS-5. Also, an occasional soprano sax, violin… Great for background music while programming.

Strange & Special Air Productions · Wormhole Waiting Room - FullAlbum

Science Fiction: Conglommora and Conglommora Found

In my first science fiction novel, Conglommora, the Green Earth of old was long gone. The People printed their ships and fled the devastation to find another planet, a new home. But system after system, planet after planet, they discovered there were no other suitable homes in the cosmos.

So they joined their ships together at the edge of Nothing to form the Conglommora: a massive, stationary, ad-hoc, self-sufficient world hundreds of light-years out in deep space.

Until a mysterious straggler from Dead Earth plummets them into a startling journey across the galaxy, to confront the past and threaten the future.

In the sequel, Conglommora Found, things get complicated as our heros risk their life to find answers to the secrets of their world, and their very world gets a lot larger than anyone thought.

Visit conglommora.com for details and samples.

The Pragmatic Programmer, 20th Anniversary Edition

Hard to beleive it’s been twenty years, and yet the advice is as applicable as ever: The Pragmatic Programmer: your journey to mastery, 20th Anniversary edition. Go grab the hardcover on Amazon or ebook direct from pragprog.com/books/tpp20.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Strange & Special Air Productions

New music projects coming to Strange & Special Air Productions including some film scores and trailers, ambient and horn-infused jazz.

Coming up next?

Good question. What would you like to see? Drop me a line.

Thanks to my friend Derek Sivers for suggesting this page.

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