What Am I Doing Now?

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Here’s a list of some current projects and interests (as of October, 2017):

  • My new novel is out and available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. Visit conglommora.com for details and samples.

  • I sort of stalled out on my work with The GROWS™ Method (growsmethod.com). Hoping to get that going again. Is it still needed? Let me know.

  • Publishing books I’d like to read at the Pragmatic Bookshelf (pragprog.com)

  • Playing trumpet, flugel horn, and keys in several local bands including a Steely Dan cover band, two jazz groups, and a honky-tonk bar band (all Raleigh/Durham area). Arranging charts for the bands.

  • Writing music for film trailers / commercials, mixing and mastering for friends. Trying to find time to compile a better portfolio, not much posted at the moment.

  • Playing in my woodwork shop! After years of neglect, spending some happy time re-setting up, cleaning, and organizing my shop.

Coming up next?

  • Good question. What would you like to see? Drop me a line.

Thanks to my friend Derek Sivers for suggesting this page.

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