Replacing Bukkit with CanaryMod for Minecraft


In May this year, we published a book aimed at helping kids learn how to program in Java, using the Minecraft game.  Parents and educators flocked to the book, and eager kids around the world started writing Java plugins using the popular Bukkit library.

But then in September, 2014, the Bukkit library disappeared, apparently the victim of copyright dispute from a former developer. The server portion of the library (CraftBukkit) was removed from the Bukkit site, github, and other sites. So far, there's been no news and no indication that it will ever return.

We here at, however, are agile publishers. 

And so on October 1, 2014, I am pleased to release the new second edition of this very popular book, Learn to Program with Minecraft Plugins: Create Flaming Cows in Java Using CanaryMod, now available in  from

This new edition of the book has been thoroughly revised and updated to use the CanaryMod library and server, available at It will be out in print by the end of this month. Special thanks to the crew at, they've been very helpful and supportive.  Great group of people.

Happy modding!


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