Halloween fun


OK, I have to admit, we tend to go a little overboard for halloween decorations. It's a great excuse for the theatric. On the right is one of our larger glowing ghosts we made this year.

We also did a new mummy -- chicken wire and Papier-mâché construction. I hooked it up to an oscillating stand fan, so the mummy swings back and forth in a slow and creepy manner.

And speaking of fun with fans, the dangling hands here were attached to a fan up in a tree branch. What you see are hands that appear to reach down and try and grab you as you walk under.

And of course, our usual thunder-and-lighting with fog machines really sets the mood. The lightening is set to light up the house and an unusually large ghoul hung in a tree. It's pretty startling to the unaware.

Yes, we had a blast. Next year, we'll add some Arduino-powered props. If we start now, we might just make it!


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