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Tomorrow is election day here in the US, and if you haven’t already, I urge you to get out and vote.

Here in North Carolina, many of us have already voted—42% of all Democrats, 35% of all Republicans, and 30% of all independents have already voted. I voted last week, and the lines were running a half-hour to an hour even then.

In any race, from the presidential level to the local, I endorse the more Agile candidate. Agility is all about collaboration and adaptability, and taking a pragmatic attitude towards decision-making. Working with other people—even people you don’t particularly like—changing your approach to fit the problem at hand, and avoiding rigid dogma are all hallmarks of agility.

Does your candidate seem the thoughtful, collaborative type? Or more of a shoot-from-the-hip, impulsive sort?

Adaptability means changing your approach according to the situation; some derisively call that “flip flopping.” Frankly, that’s the stupidest charge I’ve ever heard. I want elected officials who will change their minds as needed. A stubborn resistance to accept and manage change is a proven recipe for disaster.

Following a narrow ideology is a dogmatic approach; it doesn’t work in business and I dare say it doesn’t work well in government either. The challenges facing us today require a flexible, adaptable, collaborative approach. A pragmatic and agile leader, not one steeped in repeating the same old dogma.

So please vote, and vote agile.

Thank you,


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